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STCC 2 all in one

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STCC 2 all in one

Post  Ron123 on Tue 11 Jun - 23:33


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Re: STCC 2 all in one

Post  Zziggy Sternenstaub on Wed 12 Jun - 16:25

Thanks a lot Ron! :DMakes for some exiting offline racing exept for the Scirocco. The Scirocco is so quick because it uses another tire-type (seems to use a Camaro tire).

Fix: copy the file "2008_Michelin_FWD.tyr" from another folder (for instance Volvo C30) to the Scirocco folder. Then in the Scirocco.hdc file replace the line for tire brand with this one: TireBrand=2008_Michelin_FWD   // original: Scirocco

Maybe then you have to change your gear setup a little (the Michelin_FWD tire is a little smaller then the Scirocco.tyr). That way the Scirocco will match nicely with the Beemers!
Zziggy Sternenstaub

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